EFM Zurich Armour Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


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EFM Zurich Case Armour is the case you can rely on to protect your device on a budget. With a seamless, slimline design that meets the needs of any discerning fashionista, the EFM Zurich Case Armour range is ideal for those searching for both comfort and quality with their phone protection. Composed of ultra-flexible, lightweight materials that offer durability and ease-of-use, the EFM Zurich Case Armour is perfect for life on the go without adding extra bulk to your phone. Frosted side surfaces make this case easy to grip, whilst the clear back shows off your device. For slim, simple and tough device protection, EFM Zurich Case Armour is the tried and tested solution.


  • Clear/Opaque
  • Impact Protection Geometry
  • Sleek/Stylish/Pocket Friendly

Device Compatibility:

  • Compatible with Samsung - Galaxy S20 Ultra (6.9)
  • Frosted side surface
  • Seamless, slimline design
  • Ultra-flexible, lightweight material

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