Mobigo GO-601 Earphone with Lightning Connector

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MobileGo's GO-601 Earphone with Lightning Connector is comfortable, light, convenient, and ergonomically designed to prevent them from falling off. Isolating external noise and minimizing leakage of sound, linear headphones provide long-term comfort to your ears. Configure the headphones by selecting play, pause, answering the call, and disconnecting. By clicking the previous and next track buttons, you can navigate the tracklist. MP3 players, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, and stereo microphones are all compatible with this microphone. It produces high-quality sound and reduces background noise. The new high-quality earphones have 3.5mm plugs and are lightweight, making them suitable for listening to music, talking, working, and exercising.

  • Light, convenient, and ergonomically designed
  • Earphones have 3.5mm plugs
  • Music, talking, working, and exercising

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