Nubia RedMagic Cyberpods TWS Gaming Earbuds


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RedMagic Cyberpods TWS Gaming Earbuds offer sci-fi design with superb sound quality along with low latency mode. The carrying case has an angular design typical of gaming devices. The earbuds are also extremely lightweight, weighing about 5 grams each. By incorporating the latest technology, it provides a strong, stable, low-latency connection that significantly enhances the gaming experience. Device latency is 39ms, which is extremely low. The other distinctive feature is the atmospheric light on each earbud which responds and pulses based on the game conditions, i.e., it adapts to the dynamics of the game being played. Moreover, Cyberpods provide up to 20-hour battery life.

  • International Model
  • For international stock, shipment will take 5-7 business days to leave our overseas warehouse
  • Sci-fi design
  • Atmospheric lights
  • Battery life of 20 hours
  • Touch controls

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