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ZHIYUN Smooth-X is a foldable palm-sized pan/roll 2-axis motorized Smartphone Gimbal that can be extended from 10-20 inches in length via a built-in aluminum telescopic selfie stick extension. The Smooth-X offers direct control to your smartphone cam via Bluetooth, just clamp your mobile phone into the Gimbal and start capturing your moments in a few seconds. The Gimbal offers up to 5.5 hours of runtime so you do not miss to capture your favourite shots. It comes with a number of innovative features that include Intelligent Rotatable Design, Gesture Control, Unlock Smart Filmmaking, Click to Portrait Mode and many more.

The smart Gimbal comes with a companion iOS / Android app that expands your camera capabilities such as slow motion, time-lapse, panorama, and other creative features. It also allows you to track a subject automatically once you get a subject in the frame. Captured videos can be edited via its basic editing functions. You can easily trim shots, add music, add subtitles, and more.  ZHIYUN Smooth-X can hold a phone with up to 3.5-inch width and manage the payload of up to 200 grams.

Note: The Combo Kit includes a mini tripod and carrying case.


Operation Voltage
Max: 4.2 v
Standard: 3.7 v
Min: 3.4 v
Operation Temperature
Max: 45 °C
Standard: 25 °C
Min: -10 °C
Battery Runtime
Max: 5.5 h
Standard: 4 h
Laboratory data1
Charging Time
Standard: 3 h
Laboratory data2
850 mA 500mA
Following Deviation in Motion State:
Max: ± 0.3 °
Standard: ± 0.1 °
Min: ± 0.05 °
Following Deviation in Static State:
Max: ± 0.04 °
Min: ± 0.01 °
Roll Mechanical Range:
Standard: 285 °
Pan axis movement angle range:
Standard: 300 °
Valid Payload:
200±35 g
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